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Molecular Distillation - The Purest, Safest Emu Oil

Molecular Distillation has been found to be the best method of refining emu oil for safety and purity.
Superior method of removing odours, contaminants, floating objects, preservatives and moisture .
Does not remove the beneficial essential and non-essential fatty acids.
The process can only remove the unwanted free fatty acids.
Eliminates impurities that other refining methods cannot remove.

Does Molecular Distillation Really Matter?

Recently, a private study was conducted comparing "traditionally refined" emu oil with emu oil that has been Molecularly Distilled. Molecular Distillation has been used by many companies to ensure purity and quality of animal and plant oils, and is used today by such large corporations as ADM.

The study concluded that even some emu oil on the market that carries a "certified" seal, did not meet industry Standards (because they exceeded the Trade Rule levels of Peroxides and Moisture) and impurities were extracted from these same oils by method of molecular distillation.

The emu oil products on Emu Oil.ca are Molecularly Distilled, to provide our customers with a product that is unmatched in terms of purity and quality on the market.

Although we would not say that emu oil which has not been Molecularly Distilled is poor quality, you should realize that it will likely contain impurities. Most of these products are still safe and within industry limits, but quite simply it is not the best possible product that it could have been, if they had taken the extra step of Molecular Distillation.

What Exactly Does Molecular Distillation Do?

This distillation process removes impurities that cannot be removed by traditional methods. The traditional method of refining emu oil should remove peroxides, some bacteria, and unwanted particulate. Molecular distillation removes moisture, free fatty acids and any remaining unwanted particulate and bacteria, without compromising the beneficial essential fatty acids.

According to David Casilio, BSEE from Clarkson University and Masters of Science in manufacturing technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, "to remove odour and not destroy the penetrating properties of emu oil requires a special distillation process that lowers the pressure, which therefore lowers the evaporation temperature. It was found that a high vacuum centrifugal molecular still gave the best results."

Through advances in technology, it is fast becoming clear that Molecular Distillation is the future of emu oil in the marketplace. It affords consumers the purest, safest emu oil available.


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